Hiking & Kayaking

This adventurous Via Ferrata will commence with a 30 minute kayaking trip from the central beach at Bander Khayran, all the way up to the spot where we switch to dry trainers and embark on our journey navigating 30-40 meters above sea cliffs from where the view of aquatic life beneath the turquoise blue waters below is simply breathtaking! This route which will last for a good 2 hours includes passing through a cave. Most of the energy will be accentuated on your arms and so you can set out on this trip only if you are a regular to exercising and can handle your body weight. Loose, comfy clothing is a must and wearing a set of well gripped trainers which are bound to get scraped against rocks on this trip is vital. Smear on plenty of sun protection cream, carry a hat, and do not miss your backpack in which essentials like a minimum of 2 liters of water and some snacks will prove most handy. There’s no need to fret, even if it’s your first time at this activity, you’ve got our professional guides and equipment at your service.

Note: This activity is not suitable for under 16 years old.