Desert Safari In Iran

Deserts of Iran are one the main highlights of Iran. The spectacular beautiful landscape, villages around the deserts, many caravanserais & oases, culture, history, foods and customs of the locals, that made one of the vast and amazing deserts in the world.

Iran is one of the few remaining destinations where there is still the freedom to travel distances, sleep in remote wilderness or formal camp, explore the desert and distant dunes, enjoy total relaxed or high adventure. Iran is a country blessed with endless contrast, where you can discover fascinating facts about desert plants, animals, geology, history, culture and lifestyle with interactive displays and exhibits to bring your tour to life.

Our goal is to give you an appreciation of the desert.. we provide Adventure Iran which provides desert trekking, camel riding, biking and 4×4 off-road tours enables us to perform desert tours from the start of the season, mid September, to the end of season May.

Four wheel through remote areas or camel trekking where the beauty and serenity of the desert come alive. Imagine trekking and crossing the desert like old time where you will find a natural spring flowing from the side of the heart of the dune.

Deserts of Iran are one the place that Adventure Iran is really active there and we are the operators that send most traveller with wide ranges of activities there.

For trekking activity during the season we have weekly fixed departures short treks and sleeping in the tent in the heart of the deserts. Also, we have the long desert trekking every month. We will cross many villages, oases and dunes on the trek. For off-road lovers, we have weekly 4×4 tours like trekking.

Bikers have more choice to be involved with the nature and more places to see the heart of Iran desert. For non active type we have offer exploring desert tours.

The best offer of the company is for Adventure Travel companies that we have different itineraries and a plan. We know exactly the most suitable accommodation to stay and the area to perform the tours after many years experience.