Nomadic Tour In Iran

Iran is an ethnically diverse nation which includes a large number of nomadic tribes, who have lived on the Iranian plateau for centuries. The Lurs, Qashqais, Bakhtiaris and others have retained their nomadic lifestyle, traditional customs and vibrant dress to this day. We can organise excursions and meetings with the tribes, as well as organising a full-fledged anthropological experience of living with a tribe for an extended time period


With our expert guides educated practically, located in nomadic region we invite you to move with Peoples of wind as they called, accompany them in their fascinating travels, be their guests and acquaintance with their colorful life, stay beside them in full facility camp.


It can be stated that from the very long past, majority of the people in Iran were engaged in pastoral subsistence and animal breeding. Thus earning their livelihood in various parts of the country mostly. The herds were taken to the seasonal summer or winter quarters, where the herdsmen lived in tents. These decamping differentiated this community from the others who were permanent dwellers. Thereby bringing about trivial conflicts amongst them at times. Moreover, this community could not be categorized as nomads in general, as some were semi-tribal. The latter stationed a part of their clan in their distinct realm regards their summer or winter quarters. Whereas their respective chieftains, dwelled in the cities or villages for part of the year. Though the life of these communities or tribes intermingled with their decamping conditions, which made them adapt to their surroundings, certain factors are not distinct.