Bethany - Mt. Nebo - Madaba

Transfer to Bethany (Beyond Jordan), Known in Arabic as Al-Maghtas, the ‘Baptism Site’ has been identified by archaeologists as the place where John the Baptist preached, where Jesus was baptised by John, where the first five apostles met and thus where the foundations of the early Christian faith were laid. Then visit Mount Nebo where Moses died. Enjoy the view of the Holy Land and also see the mosaics of different animals and figures found inside the church of Mount Nebo. Continue to Madaba to visit the must-see site in town is the Church of St. George, now a Greek Orthodox basilica, home of the enormous Madaba Mosaic Map. The map, with its richly-detailed rendering of Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethlehem and other holy sites, was only rediscovered in 1894 and has since been brilliantly restored. Return to the Dead Sea.