Dinner By The Dead Sea

We deliver your clients to the shores of the Dead Sea just in time for a refreshing dip in the buoyant waters as the sun goes down over Jerusalem. As they emerge, a ’Bedouin beach party’ is ready to begin. Chefs will prepare a traditional wedding feast, served on low tables, as guests shower and change into comfortable local dress. They relax on cushions and rugs, to the music of Oud and drum players. As the aroma of marinated chicken and meat rises from the barbecue, a colorful display of Arabic salads and appetizers is served. Cardamom-flavored coffee and sweet tea send guests drifting away into another world. This is also the ideal ending to a day of sports or team-building activities on the Dead Sea shore or a visit to Madaba, Mt. Nebo and the recently excavated Baptism site nearby.