Beiteddine & Barouk Cedars

Drive south of Beirut to Deir El Qamar, the former capital of Mount Lebanon which still retains in its pretty town square several palaces and the famous Marie Baz Museum, Notre Dame church and Fakhr ed-Dine mosque dating from the 17th and 18th centuries. Proceed to Beit ed-Dine to visit the magnificent Palace of Emir Bechir known for its masterpiece of the oriental architecture, which became now a days the summer residence of the President of the Republic of Lebanon. Barouk is a pleasant summer town with abundant springs. The Cedars of Barouk, reached from either Moukhtara or Barouk village, are smaller and younger than those of Bsharreh, but extremely beautiful and well cared for. Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve represents around 550 km² of Lebanese territory. Oak, pine and juniper are some of the 16 types of trees that also grow in the reserve. Above the grove at the summit of the mountain there is a panoramic view overlooking the Beqaa valley.