Byblos - Tripoli - Cedars

Drive north of Beirut along the coast towards Byblos (Jbeil), the Phoenician city known to being the oldest continually inhabited town, where you will visit the Crusaders’ castle, the Phoenician temples and the Roman theatre, the Royal Necropolis and enjoy a lovely promenade on the coast next to the port. Continue the tour towards the second largest city of Lebanon Tripoli, a modern city known to have preserved jealously its medieval old religious edifices and public buildings. In the old town you can see the Crusader Castle of Raymond de St. Gilles, Mosques from Mameluks period, Koranic schools, oriental Bazaars & Souks and the Turkish bath named “Hamman Izzeddine”. End the tour in the Cedars; known for its beautiful pine trees forest from biblical times lying at an altitude of 1600 to 2000 meters above the sea level. The Cedars area is also known for its winter skiing resort. The road to the Cedars passes through the magnificent Qadisha Valley, the picturesque villages of Zghorta and Ehden leading you to Bcherri the hometown of the famous International poet Gebran Khalil Gubran of Lebanese origin.