Sidon - Tyre - Echmoun Temple

Drive South of Beirut along the coast to Sidon (Saida). The visits start with the “Castle of the Sea” a crusader’s castle of the 13th century then proceed to Khan El-Franj, a typical Caravan Serail. Stop for a typical Lebanese lunch. After Lunch, continue further down the southern coast to Tyre (Sour) to visit the Necropolis excavations, the Monumental Arch and the spectacular hippodrome, the second largest and best preserved of the Roman era. Two kilometers ahead, visit of the imperial city excavation which offers a majestic avenue toward the sea giving access to the residential area with its remarkable designed public monuments. On the way back to Beirut, visit Echmoun, a garden known as Bustan El-Sheikh where trees blossom around its temples.