Theme Parties

Crusader nights, Phoenician style nights in the fabulous surrounding of Byblos, Exotic folkloric and Arabian nights, Festival nights, Dancing competitions

Scenic Plane Tour

An amusing and thrilling one hour-tour to the coastal area, the north or the south east of Beirut to fly over some picturesque areas and gaze at the beauty of nature.

Shows In Baalbeck & Beiteddine

During festival periods, shows can be attended in the magnificent Temples of Baalbek or the Palace of Beiteddine.

Ski and Swim

Towards the end of March it is usually possible to go skiing in the morning and swimming & fishing in the afternoon.

Night At The Casino Du Liban

About 24 km north of Beirut, step back in time at the Casino Du Liban, once famous for its top international shows and luxurious gambling facilities.

Araq Festival

Your clients will all be invited to the ‘Araq’ festival in a small village. They will all find in their hotel rooms peasant dresses to wear for the ‘Araq’ making (our national alcoholic drink) and the dance festival.

Dining & Evening Entertainment

Exquisite dinners in historical settings, Folkloric & oriental show dinners, Special dinners in grandiose settings, White-nights springing between pubs and discos,