Araq Festival

Your clients will all be invited to the ‘Araq’ festival in a small village. They will all find in their hotel rooms peasant dresses to wear for the ‘Araq’ making (our national alcoholic drink) and the dance festival. Clients will be gathered with local people and introduced to the process of extracting Araq. Usually the process of making Araq takes a whole day in a joyful musical atmosphere. All through the procedure, the westerns dressed in eastern costumes will be taught to dance the Lebanese folkloric ‘Dabke’ and the countrywomen will also be taught to ‘Belly Dance’ on different rhythms. The peasants will then finish the Araq making and enjoy a big village meal with mezzeh while make their local Saj bread (thin crispy bread made on curved outdoors ovens). The peasants will drink and eat their own hand made Araq and bread with different dishes just like the old villagers used to do in a very hospitable surrounding. All meals will be presented in traditional pottery plates by local peasants.