Wadi Bani Awf

An hour’s drive from Muscat will bring you to the doorway of Wadi Bani Auf, one of the most gorgeous wadis in Oman. After an off road drive of about 45 minutes through the wadi, passing through lush villages and picturesque farms, you will arrive at the gorgeous entrance of the Snake Canyon. Your exciting adventure for the day will begin here! Get ready to drench! Feel the rush in your head as you embark on a super exciting concoction of adventures, jumping, swimming, and scrambling your way through. Gear up to trek along the base of the gorge, up and around spherical rocks, paddling and wading through pools of water (you’re unlucky if it hasn’t rained recently). Ensure that you understand your fitness level before taking this bouncy ride which will last for a good 1-3 hours, from the opening of the canyon right to the end. Your car will be waiting at the finishing point, ready to pick you up, by the time to traverse the length of the canyon. Do ensure that you have your helmet, drinking water and a waterproof camera handy on this trip!