Language Tour

Arabic Language Courses in Damascus

Whether you want to learn Arabic for its literature, for business purposes, or to discover your religious or cultural roots, Nawafir will assist you in achieving your goals. Nawafir can help you get started on your Arabic language learning adventure with a complete range of study-related services: Registration in Arabic language institutes, accommodation (hotels, apartments or home-stay), and assistance with airport formalities, as well as offering social activities and excursions to points of interest throughout Syria.

Nawafir cooperates with the leading language institutes in Syria and the University of Damascus.

Private lessons can also be arranged, and are highly recommended for students with no previous knowledge of the Arabic language or for those desiring accelerated classes. Lessons are conducted by licensed teachers of Syrian Colloquial and/or Fus-ha (classical) Arabic, who posses a BA in Arabic Language and Literature. Purpose oriented lessons are also available (business, politics, literature), in addition to live, practical lessons where the student and teacher take their class into daily interactions.

Arabic Calligraphy
Instruction is available in the art of calligraphy. This highly stylized and historical art form can complement a student’s language studies.

Aramaic Language
Aramaic was spoken by Jesus and still used in just a few towns in the Middle Eastern region. A new Aramaic Institute is opening in Ma’aloula, only a 45 minute bus ride from Damascus. Private lessons are also available.


Culinary Tour

Cooking Courses in Damascus –  Culinary Tour in Syria

Get familiar with Syrian special meals by attending a cooking course. Start the lecture in the market to get to know preferable used spices, vegetables, and meat. A chef de cuisine will disclose some secrets of the refined preparation of traditional Syrian dishes.

Middle Eastern cooking features aromatic spices, and many tasty ingredients, like pita, honey, sesame seeds, sumac, chickpeas, mint and parsley. Also well-known for originality and good taste, and, because it basically comprises simple, natural and easily digested foodstuffs, it ranks high in nutritional value with today’s fitness-conscious society. A typical meal will begin with a wide variety of starters or “mezzeh” which consists of a number of small dishes, sometimes up to thirty or even forty. Examples are salad and herbs (especially mint and parsley), nuts, vegetables, and dips. Main meals include chicken, lamb and fish. Lamb is sometimes minced or served as kebabs. Flat bread, rice and bulgar are staple foods. Vegetables eaten are eggplants, beans, carrots, chickpeas, courgettes, cucumbers, mushrooms, onions, peas, peppers and tomatoes. Nuts and pine kernels are sometimes used in cooking.
Cakes, ice cream, and fresh fruit will be served for desert.
Tea is preferred strong and Turkish coffee is popular. Water, yoghurt drink and fruit juices are served cold. Beer, wine and arak, an aniseed-flavored spirit, are produced, widely available at top restaurants and hotels.

Pilgrimage & Religious Tours
Discover the roots of Islam and Christianity in Syria.  Visit some of Syria`s over 10,000 archaeological sites, many of which are of religious importance, making sure to see Cave of Cane and Abel, the Street Called Straight in Damascus where St. Paul met Ananias and the window through which he fled the Romans.  Or experience inter-religious communion in Deir Mar Musa, a monastery dedicated towards furthering Christian-Muslim understanding. The Syrian people`s legendary tolerance provides a relaxing and secure environment for excursions into the history of religion. Nawafir can arrange for simple accommodation in monasteries to experience life in the community.

Tips for Women
Want to have a unique look into at the lives of women in Syria?  We can put together a tour for women only, guided by an experienced female guide, and including discussions and meetings with women of different backgrounds, visits to women’s organizations, an obligatory visit to an Arabic Hammam (steam bath), and much more.