Dubai is a modern city of compelling contrasts and boundless energy. With its modern skyline and comprehensive infrastructure, Dubai offers visitors all the benefits of a cosmopolitan city – combined with the magic of ancient Arabia. It is precisely this contrast that makes it a truly unique destination.

Divided in two by the Dubai Creek, Dubai is totally geared to the needs of the modern traveller. Its ultra modern airport and award winning duty free operations make the arrival process smooth and hassle free, while the city’s road system and transport options ensure that getting around is easy.

Dubai is the second largest emirate in the federation of the United Arab Emirates. It is, also, the economic capital of the state due to many advantages offered by this modern city on all aspects. For a long time, Dubai Khor was one of the most famous landmarks of the emirate which was built on its banks. Al Khor is a waterway used in the past as a small port to unload cargo ships and transport to markets. Dubai Khor centers amid this beautiful city and divides it into two parts; Bur Dubai in the south which is the traditional heart of the city and Deira in the north which includes a lot of shopping centers and the famous markets famous in the emirate.

Dubai is characterized by such world-class network of roads and transportation. Such roads, bridges and tunnels that connect the whole city and the other emirates are hardly available in any other city of the middle east as a whole. Furthermore, Dubai Metro is the latest means of transportation at the entire region level.

Through a short period, Dubai was able to gain the trust of the whole world i.e. anything required is available in Dubai, from the traditional popular markets including various goods from around the world, to the most luxurious entertainment centers, golf stadiums and global world-glass hotels. Adding to that, the recreational facilities, shopping, and the short distance from Dubai to the beach and the sports activities. The most important factors that helped Dubai in improving its prominent place among the global cities as one of the most distinguished tourist destinations and the fastest developed and progressed city are the safety, the shining warm sun and the Arabian hospitality throughout the year. In addition, the geographical location of Dubai has played a decisive role in making it an important trade hub since the past; it is located at the crossroad of three major continents: Asia, Africa and Europe, which helped it to attract tourists who are seeking to new and different destinations.

Dubai is an important center of transit that is easy to be reached. It communicates with more than 100 airlines via Dubai International Airport and more than 200 destinations. Its flights set off directly to all cities around the world. Dubai airport is characterized by modernity and efficiency, as well as, the customs and immigration procedures are simple and easy.

Dubai offers a large range of accommodation options in the city, on the beach and inside (the desert resorts). All hotels in Dubai are equipped with modern facilities. Most of the hotels contain rooms for conferences and meetings and fully equipped with health clubs and sports halls. Besides, there is a wide variety of international restaurants series.

Unlike many of the emerging destinations, Dubai offers several options to the tour operators and travel agents abroad for dealing with local tourism companies that has high-level experience and qualifications. These companies include a team specialized in organizing marvelous tourist programs along with tour guides, who can speak several languages, and highly qualified drivers. Moreover, it has modern, comfortable and air-conditioned vehicles which are used in the interior tourist tours to transport visitors from/to airport.
There are a set of normal and private trips that its duration ranges from one to two hours or several days. Also, there are trips inside the city such as shopping, heritage sites, desert trips through the valleys, mountains and sand dunes, and to sandy beaches of the East Coast on the waters of the Indian Ocean. There are helicopter and traditional boot trips which allows the tourist to get the knowledge about the heritage. In addition, there are trips for Archaeology and bird watching.

Some of Dubai most attractive landmarks are:

Khalifa Tower
Khalifa tower, opened in 2010, is a high-rise skyscraper that will be the tallest in the world. Khalifa tower, through its advance design configurations, which combines a small town within its internal structure, considered the masterpiece of the city of Dubai in the new Dubai

Burj Al Arab
In addition to being famous tourist attractions in the region, Burj Al Arab has become a symbol of Dubai. Burj Al Arab has established new standards of excellence in the hotel sector by employing Arabian designs. It has since opening in 1999, strong presence through its external wonderful prospective design.

Dubai Marina (Dubai sea front)
Created to be the largest industrial Marina in the world. It is located near new Dubai center and links Jebel Ali port, Dubai internet city, Dubai media city and the American University in Dubai.

Dubai metro
Network of driverless metro which was meant to be the largest of it is kind in the world and will internally link Dubai which hosts 15 million visitors annually by 2010.

Al Nakhlah Atlantis is a resort inspired by the ocean and comprises 1,539 rooms located in the middle of the artificial Jumeirah palm island. This 1.5 billion ADH project was co-developed with a governmental investment company. The resort which due for opening in 2009 occupies an area of 46 hectares with 17 extra hectares for the marine attraction amusement water park that attract several top chiefs such as Nebo , Giorgio Le cattily, Santé Santa Maria and Michel Rostange. Al Nakhlah Atlantis will offer an unprecedented recreational which comprises an impressive collection of luxury boutiques and comprehensive meeting and conference services. It will host the largest open habitat for marine animals in the world together with over 65.000 marine animals in the shallow water lakes and maze of underwater corridors and ports which provides a journey through old Atlantis.